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Envies Mizuhara Kiko's sexy red lips, does not want to take off make-up, uses these 17 make-up

ring w sister paper have such trouble? Even if everyone bought so-called never decolorization lip gloss,
after wiping on that call a beauty but go out with friends to talk,
eat snacks,
or minute color will not know where to go (to bother) especially summer girls is attractive! How can I not wipe my big red lips? But if that kind of feeling really embarrassed embarrassed by the light is very popular imagination not bird ah ah ah ah! (; ~ ~) actually want to lip gloss or discoloration type should be selected more than lip gloss,
lip care and lip rendering is also very important to drop! Let the sauce to teach you how to better lip can keep long! First of all,
exfoliating skin moisturizing ingredients,
after rub before absorption into oh ~ LUSH,
~ Trendholic pink bubble frosting lip to lip skin Shi Ze Institute after exfoliating scrub CHOOSY lip scrub peach milk skin we can increase the degree of upper lip film deposited lips moist! Girls do not patronize the mask forget yo lip film _gt; after CHOOSY,