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The Cannes red carpet was missing a stunner shut off glasses off the modern you don't know

ring  the Cannes red carpet tug of war kicked off,
the day we have to fight a fight at outrance,
we feel Gong Lis awe,
Ni Nis aura,
Barbara sister did not think Miss a beautiful girl China.
In addition to Cannes,
this weeks actress is very sweet,
come and feel! Niceking in Christopher Bu 2016 spring and summer series Ode to joy in the most low-key shut finally remove the glasses,
in fact,
a beautiful face but Joe Yan sister paper,
not only the height of 170cm +,
is also a good burst.
This beautiful dress Bu Kewen with a few lines outlined her fresh,
U neck against the background of Qiao Xins swan neck collar,
this is also very test of clavicle.
A micro knee A type skirt cut smooth lines,
a lot of ladies temperament Hepburn,
ankle beam pointed shoes is also worthy of just perfect! Wang Zhi in Weiss senior custom on the red carpet in Cannes four smoke,
we will have a stunner missing.
Said Wang Zhi may be strange,
but Sherlock trouble in autumn ya,
you must suddenly realize.
Beautiful face a

Height 155cm, as well as small rough legs, what makes her street queen?

ring dge (Vanessa,
you may not remember her name,
but you must remember her face.
She has Chinese,
Spain and Ireland (the mother),
American Indians (father) lineage,
which may explain her with a superior and unique appearance,
have let a person cannot look away the magic.
Vanessa has received piano,
vocal music,
dance and other aspects of training,
excellent foundation for Vanessa in many musical stage plays as the protagonist,
in addition to the ad model.
In 2005 as Disneys popular youth TV film High School Musical actress,
she began to become popular,
becoming the idol of young peoples hearts.
(this series of movies is how many people remember ~) and she and song and dance male Zacc Efron (Zac Efron) from the screen into reality,
fell in love for five years,
broke up in 2010.
So far,
there are many fans who feel sorry for the couple.
And now Vanessas boyfriend is her three year old Austin Butler (Austin Butler),
once starred in the American drama Kylie diary,
is also

Envies Mizuhara Kiko's sexy red lips, does not want to take off make-up, uses these 17 make-up

ring w sister paper have such trouble? Even if everyone bought so-called never decolorization lip gloss,
after wiping on that call a beauty but go out with friends to talk,
eat snacks,
or minute color will not know where to go (to bother) especially summer girls is attractive! How can I not wipe my big red lips? But if that kind of feeling really embarrassed embarrassed by the light is very popular imagination not bird ah ah ah ah! (; ~ ~) actually want to lip gloss or discoloration type should be selected more than lip gloss,
lip care and lip rendering is also very important to drop! Let the sauce to teach you how to better lip can keep long! First of all,
exfoliating skin moisturizing ingredients,
after rub before absorption into oh ~ LUSH,
~ Trendholic pink bubble frosting lip to lip skin Shi Ze Institute after exfoliating scrub CHOOSY lip scrub peach milk skin we can increase the degree of upper lip film deposited lips moist! Girls do not patronize the mask forget yo lip film _gt; after CHOOSY,

90 after the girl spent 1600 rented shabby small burst into wild land of idyllic beauty is not comfortable

ring ented,
but life is not.
In fact,
first-tier cities north of Guangzhou,
the pressure of life is really great,
not to mention to buy a house,
rent a house is like cutting the kidney,
especially for just graduated without support of the family,
especially want to rent a better area,
especially in Beijing,
Shanghai Shenzhen.
Guangzhou is a city relative to the other three,
the cost of living is low,
but this year,
just rent a room three rooms are up one thousand yuan,
rent a two bedroom price for more than 4000,
also not good furniture and decoration.
Want to have a yard or rooftop gardening,
tease the cat,
the sun,
afternoon tea,
evening can also look at the projection film,
open a small party? Its just heaven! Square! Night! Tan! Unless you have money (see through the worlds cruel sad face.
but many people dare not imagine,
there is no money in Guangzhou after 90 little girl did.
She hired a small wild,
two floors,
60 parties,
plus 30 rooftop parties,
the rent is 1600.
The above two photo

A story keeps you from getting angry all your life

ring onfucius,
a student at the door to sweep the floor,
a visitor asked him: who are you? he is very proud to say: I am Mr.
Kong disciple! guest said,
thats good,
can I ask you a question? very happy to say: ah! he thought: you might want to show what a strange question? The guests asked: a year after a few season? the student thought,
this problem will be asked? He replied: the four seasons.
The guest shook his head and said,
only three seasons a year.
youve made a mistake,
four seasons! three season!,
the last two of them had no argument,
and decided to bet: if it were all the four seasons,
the guests would knock three heads at the students.
If its the three season,
students knock three heads at the guests.
Confuciuss students thought theyd won this time,
so they were going to take the guests to see Confucius,
the teacher.
Just then Confucius came out of the house and the student came up and asked,
how many seasons are there in a year? Confucius glance