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Zhang Xinyu can hit the headlines when you play a game. What about you?

ring he top of the beauty camera to pay attention to your advisor recently had a yen value Mancheng incident,
reported in the major media than Zhang Xinyu kissing each touch event ~ do not know the baby please see below the United States and the United States temporarily and then share these adorable mud loo ~ Meimei see that expression is down for dinner this is a few mean to eat? However,
the spirit of exploration,
Mei Mei finally found the answer from Xin Yus sister micro-blogs Soga! It was playing a game! But playing the game is also to pay attention to scale ah ~ accidentally played a bad,
on the headlines! Therefore,
set beauty and justice in the United States and the United States,
we want to teach you to play some old and young,
healthy and healthy table game! 1 guess toothpick by a person holding N root toothpick in hand,
this N is less than the number of people on the table,
you can also do not have.
please guess the number of toothpicks in his hand,
each person guess the number